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  • Schroeder & Fuelling GbR of Gummersbach, Germany specializes in 18th - 20th century German emigration, family history research, and adoption research. They may also be contacted via e-mail or by post at: Schroeder & Fuelling GbR, P.O.Box 100822, D-51608 Gummersbach, Germany.
  • Sabine Schleichert, Tübingen, Germany - professional genealogist for South Germany.
  • Institut für Historische Familienforschung, Austria - professional genealogists with areas: present day Austria, (especially Vienna and Waldviertel area; general index of all catholic marriages of Vienna from 1542 to 1850/60 with over 800.000 data records), present day Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, Western Hungaria, Slovenia (especially archives at Marburg, but also at Laibach), South Tyrolia.
  • Tobias Weber - Genealogie, specialist for genealogy of East Bavaria.

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