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  • Die Ahnen deutscher Bauernführer. Bd. 1-37. Berlin: Reichsnährstand Verlags-GmbH., 1935-36. (Peasant leaders)
  • The "Ahnenstammkartei des deutschen Volkes" started in 1922 and ceased to accept new contributions in 1993; it is maintained by the Deutsche Zentralstelle für Genealogie (E) / (D), Leipzig. It is a collection of genealogies of persons and families of Central Europe, mostly German. In 1991-1992 the Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, microfilmed the whole collection and the films are available through LDS/FHC centers except in Germany. This filming contains approximately 2,700,000 personal names on 1219 microfilm rolls. A second, much smaller filming, made after the collection closed, covered the accessions subsequent to the first filming. This filming contains perhaps 200,000 personal names on 19 microfilm rolls, and is not indexed and unordered. An index of the 153 major family surnames in this collection is available on the FEEFHS Index of Family Surnames from the Ahnenstammkartei Second Filming. Further information on the Ahnenstammkartei may be found on the FEEFHS Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes HomePage.
  • Database of Brakel/Erkeln Families - Online database of about 10,000 individuals who lived in Brakel/Erkeln (Nordrhein-Westfalen).
  • Deutsches Familienarchiv (German Family Archive). - Was founded in 1952 and lists links to Ancestor lists, Family histories, very often with historical cultural -historical relations, with references for bibliography and sources, coat of arms and other details. Has numerous surnames collected in articles, ancestor tables and Ahnenlisten.
    • Friedrichs, Heinz F. Gesamtregister zum Deutschen Familenarchiv. Bände 1-50. 2. Auflage. Neustadt an der Aisch: 1980. ISBN 3-7686-2025-5
    • Friedrichs, Heinz F. Gesamtregister zum Deutschen Familienarchiv. Bände 51-75. Neustadt an der Aisch: 1981. ISBN 3-7686-2029-8
    • Friedrichs, Heinz F. Gesamtregister zum Deutschen Familenarchiv. Bände 76-100. Neustadt an der Aisch: 1989. ISBN 3-7686-2047-6
  • Deutsches Geschlechterbuch. (German Lineage Books) Vol. 1- , 1889- to date. Charlottenburg: F. Mahler (etc.), 1889- .(194+ volumes. Middle class, Bürger genealogies) Collected genealogies of generally upper-class German families. Every surname indexing in each volume. Cumulative indexing of families who are subjects of articles in volumes 1- 185 in Stammfolgen-Verzeichnisse: Genealogische Handbuch des Adels und Deutsches Geschlechterbuch.
  • Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels. Glücksburg/Ostsee : C.A. Starke, 1951- (Aristocracy)
  • Heinzmann, Franz, and Christoph Lenhartz.  Bibliographie gedruckter Familiengeschichten 1946-1960. (Bibliography of printed family histories, 1946-1960). Düsseldorf: F. Heinzmann, 1990.
  • Online Ortsfamilienbücher -Online heritage books. Family books about a village, parish or community in which they list the families who lived in the area and their vital data. They usually start with the earliest records and alphabetically list everyone by surname, with each family numbered for easy identification.
  • Ortssippenbücher.  A few German towns have published Ortssippenbuecher, or genealogies of all the people who lived in the town.
  • Ortsfamilien Bücher - Family Name Books
  • Schrifttumsbericht zur Genealogie und zu ihren Nachbargebieten, 6. Literaturbericht, Oktober 1968.
  • Semigothaisches genealogisches Taschenbuch. München: Kyffhäuser, 1913.   (Jewish-aristocratic alliances)
  • Stammfolgen-Verzeichnisse für das genealogische Handbuch des Adels und das deutsche Geschlechterbuch. (Index of the Genealogical Handbook of Nobility and the German Lineage Books). Limburg/Lahn: C.A. Starke, 1969.