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German Genealogy

Maps and Other
 Geographical Tools

  • Adomeit, Heinz. Ortslexikon der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik. 2., neu bearb. Aufl. Berlin: Staatsverlag der DDR, 1974.
  • Aerial Photos of German Towns
  • Andres Allgemeiner Handatlas. Vienna, 1913.
  • Atlas des Deutschen Reichs (Atlas of the German Empire), 1883. Provided by the University of Wisconsin and enables user to look up specific towns and then focus the map on the relevant area. Downloading the pages takes time and zooming up close can reveal less than top-quality images.
  • Atlas of the German Empire, 1892. Bountiful, Utah: Thomsen's Genealogical Center, 1989.
  • Bischoff, Johannes E. Lexikon deutscher Hugenotten-Orte. Bad Karlshafen, Germany: Deutscher Hugenotten Verein e.V., 1994. Lexicon of Huguenot settlements in Germany. Includes seven folded maps.
  • Blaeu Atlas - Germania. UCLA map site.
  • Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Euro-Reiseatlas 1:300.000. Sonderausg. München: RV Verlag, 1990.
  • Columbia Lippincott Gazetteer of the World. With 1961 supplement. Morningside Heights, New York: Columbia University Press, 1962.
  • DDR: Berlin: Euro-Reiseatlas 1:300.000. Sonderausg. München: RV Verlag, 1990.
  • Deutscher Generalatlas. Stuttgart: Mairs Geographischer Verlag, 1966.
  • Dr. Rademachers deutsch-österreichisches Ortsbuch 1871-1990. Information about German and Austrian towns from 1871-1990.
  • FEEFHS (Federation of East European Family History Societies) Map Room. Excellent map database.
  • Geogen. Surname Mapping. Geogen is the short form for "geographical genealogy" which means location based ancestor research. On this website you can create maps which show the distribution of surnames in Germany and Austria. Significant concentrations can point to a local root of the family or of the family name.
  • GeoServ. Ein Service um Städte in Deutschland zu finden. A German town locator (by Arthur Teschler).
  • German Empire Maps. Maps for towns or villages existing in 1883. Click on "Download Index." Select the alphabetical ranged for the town. a pdf file will open with an alphabetical gazetteer. The city will be followed by a code: a Roman numeral, a capital letter and a number, such as IIIa A5. Return to the home page and click on "Download Maps." For example, go to Map 3a and click on the A5-G9 range. The map will open - locate the town within the square A5. These maps coordinate well with Meyers Orts.
  • German Maps and Towns Search. Links to many German maps.
  • German Place Database - with Parish and Civil Registry
  • German Surname Maps. The patterns of the recent distribution of German surnames can give hints where the family is from. Often it is amazing to see how the regional restricted surnames are: even after two centuries of heavy migration. For a better resolution Germany was divided into 40 regions: the 10 smaller German states and the 30 regions (districts) of the six largest German states. In the map section you will find example maps for some surnames and also a $2-offer for a map with your surname.
  • German Town Locator - GEOserv
  • GOV - the genealogical gazeteer.
  • Graesse, Benedict, and Plechl. Orbis Latinus. Braunschweig: Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1971. German-Latin and Latin-German dictionary of place names from all over the world.
  • Hall, Charles. Atlantic Bridge to Germany. Hall began this series in 1974. Each volume contains a different area of Germany. There are lists of villages and large scale maps. Very useful in locating small towns. This series is being updated and reprinted by Origins Books.

  • Hansen, Kevan M. Map Guide to German Parish Registers. North Salt Lake, UT: Heritage Creations, 2004.
    v. 1. Grandduchy of Hessen --
    v. 2. Grandduchy of Baden --
    v. 3. Mecklenburg, Grandduchies of Schwerin and Strelitz --
    v. 4. Province of Schleswig-Holstein - Kingdom of Prussia and Grandduchy of Oldenburg --
    v. 5. Kingdom of Würtemberg, volume I - Jagstkreis --
    v. 6. Kingdom of Würtemberg, volume II - Neckarkreis, Province of Hohenzollern (Kingdom of Prussia) --
    v. 7. Kingdom of Würtemberg, volume III - Schwarzwaldkreis --
    v. 8. Kingdom of Würtemberg, volume IV - Donaukreis --
    v. 9. Hessen-Nassau I, Regierungsbezirk Wiesbaden, Kingdom of Prussia --
    v. 10. Hessen-Nassau II, Regierungsbezirk Kassel, Kingdom of Prussia --
    v. 11. Province of Rhineland I, Regierungsbezirk Aachen, Regierungsbezirk Düsseldorf, Kingdom of Prussia --
    v. 12. Province of Rhineland II, Regierungsbezirk Köln, Regierungsbezirk Koblenz, Kingdom of Prussia --
    v. 13. Province of Rhineland III, Regierungsbezirk Trier, Kingdom of Prussia, and Regierungsbezirk Pfalz, Kingdom of Bavaria --
    v. 14. Kingdom of Bavaria I, Regierungsbezirk Unterfranken --
    v. 15. Kingdom of Bavaria II, Regierungsbezirk Oberfranken --
    v. 16. Kingdom of Bavaria III, Regierungsbezirk Mittelfranken --
    v. 17. Kingdom of Bavaria IV, Regierungsbezirk Oberpfalz --
    v. 18. Kingdom of Bavaria V, Regierungsbezirk Schwaben --
    v. 19. Kingdom of Bavaria VI, Regierungsbezirk Niederbayern I --
    v. 20. Kingdom of Bavaria VII, Regierungsbezirk Niederbayern II --
    v. 21. Kingdom of Bavaria VIII, Oberbayern I --
    v. 22. Kingdom of Bavaria IX, Oberbayern II --
    v. 23. Kingdom of Bavaria X, gazetteer & master index to Bavaria I-IX including the Pfalz found in Rhineland III --
    v. 24. Thuringia : with full index of included towns --
    v. 25. Kingdom of Saxony I : Kreishauptmannschäfter, Leipzig and Zwickau with full index of included towns --
    v. 26. Kingdom of Saxony II : Kreishauptmannschäfter Bautzen, Chemnitz and Dresden with full index of included towns --
    v. 27. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Sachsen I : Regierungsbezirk Erfurt and duchies of Anhalt and Brunswick with full index of included towns --
    v. 28. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Sachsen II : Regierungsbezirk Merseburg with full index of included towns --
    v. 29. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Sachsen III : Regierungsbezirk Magdeburg with full index of included towns --
    v. 30. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Hannover I : Regierungsbezirke Hannover and Hildesheim with full index of included towns --
    v. 31. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Hannover II : Regierungsbezirke Lüneburg and Stade with full index of included towns --
    v. 32. Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Hannover III : Regierungsbezirke Aurich and Osnabruck with full index of included towns --
    v. 33. Imperial Province of Alsace-Lorraine I (Elsass-Lothringen) District of Unterelsass I French Department of Bas-Rhin Kreise (Arrondissements) Hagenau, Molsheim, Weissenburg, and Zabern with full index of included towns --
    v. 34. Imperial Province of Alsace-Lorraine II (Elsass-Lothringen) District of Unterelsass French Department of Bas-Rhin Kreise (Arrondissements) Erstein, Schlettstadt and Strassburg with full index of included towns --
    v. 35. Imperial Province of Alsace-Lorraine III (Elsass-Lothringen) District of Oberelsass I : French Department of Haut-Rhin Kreise (Arrondissements) Gebweiler, Kolmar, Mülhausen and Rappoltsweiler with full index of included towns --
    v. 36. Imperial Province of Alsace-Lorraine IV (Elsass-Lothringen) District of Oberelsass II French Department of Haut-Rhin Kreise (Arrondissements) Altkirch and Thann, and the Territory of Belfort with full index of included towns.
  • Historical Maps of Germany. The maps give an overview on different parts of Germany through time. All the maps show for a better orientation in addition either the recent boundaries or (in case of former German territories) the boundaries of the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • Index of German-Polish & Polish-German Location Names in Poland & Russia including: Brandenburg, Posen, Pommern, Ostpreussen, Westpreussen, and Schlesien.
  • Jähnig, Bernhart and Ludwig Biewer. Kleiner atlas zur deutschen Territorialgeschichte. Bonn, Germany: Kulturstiftung der Deutschen Vertriebenen, 1991.Little atlas pertaining to the German territorial history. 17 map tables and large folded map of Germany as of 1937.
  • Jensen, Larry O. Maps of the German Empire of 1871. Pleasant Grove, Utah: Jensen Publications, 1987.
  • The JewishGen ShtetlSeeker. Search for towns in Central and Eastern Europe, using exact spelling or the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex system.  This search will display the latitude and longitude for each location, the distance/direction from the country's capital city, and links to maps. List all of the towns within a certain distance of a given latitude / longitude coordinates. (You may find these coordinates using the above town search).
  • Kaemmerer, M., compiler. Ortsnamenverzeichnis der Ortschaften jenseits von Oder und Neisse. Leer, Ostfriesland: Verlag Gerhard Rautenberg, 1988. Index of place names of places byeond the Oder and Neisse [the point where post World War II Poland begins, with many formerly German communities now part of Poland]. Place names in German and Polish.
  • Kilburn, Paul. "Germany Then, Poland Now." Everton's Family History, May/June 2004, 22-25.
  • Lippincotts New Gazetteer. Philadelphia and London: J.B. Lippincott Co., 1906. Pre-war German place names listed.
  • Lowery, Joan. "Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon Abbreviations," The German Connection, January 1987, pp 9-14. The German Research Association, P.O. Box 711600, San Diego, CA 92171-1600.
  • Lowrey, Joan. "Searching for a Kreis or an Amt," The German Connection, July 1990, Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 55-56. The German Research Association, P.O. Box 711600, San Diego, CA 92171-1600.
  • Magocsi, Paul Robert. Historical Atlas of Central Europe. Seattle: University of Washington Press. - Well drawn maps. Chronological, historical and thematic maps.
  • Map Guide to German Parish Registers. Bountiful, Utah: Heritage Creations, ongoing. Vol. 1 - Grandducy of Hessen; Vol. 2 - Grandducy of Baden; Vol. 3 - Grandduchies of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz; Vol. 4 - Province of Schleswig-Holstein- Kingdom of Prussia; and Grandducy of Oldenburg; Vol. 5 - Kingdom of Württemburg I - Jagstkreis; Vol. 6 - Kingdom of Württemburg II - Neckarkreis & Province of Hohenzollern; Vol. 7 - Kingdom of Württemburg III - Schwarzwaldkreis; Vol. 8 - Kingdom of Württemburg IV - Donaukreis; Vol. 9 - Province of Hessen-Nassau I - Kingdom of Prussia; Vol. 10 - Province of Hessen-Nassau II - Kingdom of Prussia; Vol. 11 - Province of Rheinland I - Kingdom of Prussia; Vol. 12 - Province of Rheinland II - Kingdom of Prussia; Vol. 13 - Province of Rheinland III - Kingdom of Prussia. (Forthcoming: Prince of Posen - Kingdom of Prussia, 2 vols.; Province of Westfalen - Kingdom of Prussia, 2 vols.; Thüringen; Province of Sachsen - Kingdom of Prussia, 2 vols.; Elsaß-Lothringen; Kingdom of Sachsen, 2 vols.; Kingdom of Bayern, 5 vols.; Province of Hannover - Kingdom of Prussia, 2 vols.; Province of OstPreussen - Kingdom of Prussia, 2 vols.; Province of WestPreussen - Kingdom of Prussia; Province of Brandenburg - Kingdom of Prussia, 2 vols.; Province of Pommern - Kingdom of Prussia, 2 vols.; and, Province of Schlesien - Kingdom of Prussia, 3 vols.) Identifies the church parishes and gives the Family History Library microfilm number for the parish; identifies nearly every city, town and place that included residents; identifies Lutheran and Catholic parishes in district; identifies neighboring parishes; etc.
  • Map of the Austrian Empire (pre-1900). Family History Library microfilm no. 1045395. Gives great detail on the territory that was the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918. Often includes the town names in both German and the local language.
  • Map of the German Empire (pre-1900). Family History Library microfilm no. 68814. This map has over 600 sectors and show excellent detail of the German Empire as it existed from 1871 to 1918, along with some sectors of neighboring countries.
  • Mapquest. For a map of an existing town or village in Germany. Select "Outside the US and Canada" located under the "Search" button. Select "Germany as the country, type in the town name, and click on "Search."
  • Maps of the German Empire of 1871. Pleasant Grove, Utah: Jensen Publications, 1987.
  • Marlin, Robert W. "Finding Your Ancestral Hometown Using Maps." Family Chronicle, July/August 1998, 33-34.
  • Meyerink, Kory L. Twentieth Century Sources of Hometowns." Heritage Quest, April 2002, Vol. 18, No. 2, 84-89.
  • Meyers Orts-und-Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutsches Reich with Researchers' Guide and Translation of the In Introduction, Instruction for Use of the Gazetteer, and Abbreviations.  By Raymond Wright. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2000. This reprint of the 1912-13 edition has Wright's introduction and instructions added. The gazetteer has a description of every city, town, hamlet, and dwelling place in the German Empire prior to World War I.
  • Minert, Roger. Place Names Indexes. Provo, Utah: GRT Publications. 16 indexes have been published. A new approach to finding a geographic name. They are reverse indexes, prepared to aid the researcher who finds the torn page, or the page with dirt or ink over the writing.
  • Müller, Joachim. Müllers großes deutsches Ortsbuch: Bundesrepublik Deutschland. 26. Aufl. Wupperstal: Post- und Ortsbuchverlag, 1996. Place names in today's Germany.
  • Multimap. For a map of an existing town or village. Select "Germany" as the country, type in the town name, and click on "Find." the site shows the locations including latitude and longitude of all the towns matching that name.
  • Neumanns Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs. Leipzig: Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts, 1905.
  • Nickerson, Janice. "10 Ways to Locate Your Ancestor's Birthplace." Family Chronicle, March/April 2003, 15-16.
  • Place Names East of the Oder & Neisse Rivers Database (East Prussia, West Prussia, Brandenburg, Pomerania, Posen, Silesia)
  • Ravenstein, Ludwig. Atlas desDeutschen Reichs. This online version (1883) at the University of Wisconsin depicts the area covered by the Atlas des Deutschen Reichs, and shows the division of the entire area into the nine main maps and two smaller maps of the original atlas. Beside Germany, the maps of this atlas also cover the bordering portions of present-day Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, and Switzerland. Even small towns can be located in this atlas.
  • Ravenstein, Ludwig, comp. Atlas des Deutschen Reichs. Leipzig: Bibliographisches Institut, 1883.
  • Riemer, Shirley J. "Try Spelling it Backwards! Or Let a Reverse Alphabetical Index Do It for You." Der Blumenbaum, Vol. 18(3), pp. 124-125, January 2001. Sacramento: Lorelei Press. Riemer lauds the introduction of the reverse alphabetical index to decipher place names.
  • Thode, Ernest J., Jr. Atlas for Germanic Genealogy. Marietta, Ohio: Heritage House, 1982, 1988.
  • Towns, Cities & Regions - Travel
  • Uncapher, Wendy K. and Linda Herrick. German Maps and Facts for Genealogy. Janesville, Wisconsin: Origins, 2001. This book points out the uniqueness of Germany in over 100 maps including detailed historic maps of kingdoms, duchies, and principalities, to hand-rendered maps showing the religion of the states, location of major rivers, what was included in Prussia and more! Also population charts; timelines showing why people left, where they left from, and where they were heading; migration figures; terms; lists of rivers, forests, mountains; and much more.
  • Uncapher, Wendy. How to Read Meyers Geographical and Commercial Gazetteer of the German Empire which is written in German. Janesville, Wisconsin: Origins, 2003. 24 pages. Includes tips for deciphering the Gothic print, how to find your town in the gazetteer, abbreviations translated, examples translated, glossary and more.
  • Uncapher, Wendy K. Lands of the German Empire and Before. Janesville, Wisconsin: Origins, 2000. Includes numerous maps, timelines for each of the small areas, alternative names and German political subdivisions.
  • "Using Maps and Gazetteers in Your Research" by David Obee. A 'must read' article for anyone trying to locate their ancestral hometown.
  • Ütrecht, E., editor. Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des deutschen Reichs. [Meyer's Directory of Places and Commerce in the German Empire]. 2 volumes. Leipzig, Germany: Bibliographisches Institut, 1912.
  • Verdenhalven, Fritz. Kleiner historischer Städtenamen-Schlüssel für Deutschland und die ehemaligen deutschen Gebiete. Neustadt/Aisch: Degener, 1970. Older to present names and present to older names.
  • Verdenhalven, Fritz. Namensänderungen ehemals preussischer Gemeinden von 1850 bis 1942. Verlag Degener, 1971. Name changes of formerly Prussian communities, from 1850 to 1942.
  • World Fact book by CIA - Germany

Gazetteers / Geographical Dictionaries

  • Abbreviations from Rudolph's "Ortslexikon" by Gordon McDaniel
  • Adomeit, Heinz. Ortslexikon der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik. 2., neu bearb. Aufl., Berlin: Staatsverlag der DDR, 1974.
  • Amtliches Gemeinde- und Ortsnamenverzeichnis der deutschen Ostgebiete unter Fremder Verwaltung (Official Gazetteer for the Localities in the [former] German East under Foreign Administration), 1955. Covers pre-World War II areas. Provides name changes for former German localities that became part of Poland and Russia after World War II. Volume 1 contains Elsaß=Lothringen and the rest of Rance, and Eupen-Malmedy and the rest of Belgium. Volume 2 contains northern Schleswig and the rest of Denmark, Memelland and the rest of Lithuania, and the ceded areas of Ostpreußsem. West[reißen, Posen, Oberschlessien, and the rest of Poland. FHL film 824,243 item 2; Fiche 6053256 (11 fiche). Polish-to-German name changes are on microfilm 1045449.

  • Columbia Lippincott Gazetteer of the World. With 1961 supplement. Morningside Heights, N.Y.: Columbia University Press, 1962.
  • Deutsch-fremdsprachiges Ortsnamenverzeichnis (German Foreign Language Place-Name Index). Otto Kredel and Franz Thierfelder, 3 volumes. FHL film 583,457.
  • German Gazetteers
  • German Gazetteers
  • GOV - Das genealogische Ortsverzeichnis (GOV - The Genealogical Gazetteer)
  • JewishGen ShtetlSeeker: Gazetteer to search for towns in Central & Eastern Europe.
  • Kaemmerer, M. Ortsnamenverzeichnis der Ortschaften jenseits von Oder und Neiße. 3. Aufl., erw. Leer : Rautenberg, 1988. (Cross-references from pre-war German names to present Polish names)
  • Köbler, Gerhard; Historisches Lexikon der deutschen Länder; Die deutschen Territorien vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart (Beck's Historische Bibliothek); Beck, C H; 5. vollst. überarb. Aufl. 1995; XL,796 S.; ISBN 3-406-39858-8 (Historical encyclopedia of the German countries; the German territories from the Middle Ages to the present). For the identification and localization of former German territorial expressions (e.g. dukedoms, kingdoms).
  • Lippincotts New Gazetteer.  Philadelphia and London: J.B. Lippincott Co., 1906. (Pre-war German place names listed)
  • List of Germany's cities-towns-municipialities
  •  Die lokale Suche für alle 12.446 deutschen Städte nach Branchenadressen, Homepages, Jobs, Lehrstellen, Veranstaltungen, Partnerschaften, Autos, Wohnungen, Reisen und mehr.
  • Meyers Orts- und Verkehrslexikon des deutschen Reich. FHL film 496,640, 496,641; Fiche 6000001-6000029).  Wright, Raymond S. III., Meyers Orts- und Verikehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reiches. Originally Published in Leipzig, 1912. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 2000.
  • Müller, Joachim. Müllers großes deutsches Ortsbuch: Bundesrepublik Deutschland. 26. Aufl. Wuppertal: Post- und Ortsbuchverlag, 1996. (Place names in today's Germany)
  • Müllers großes deutsches Ortsbuch (Müller's Large German Gazetteer) Cross-referenced to the Shell Atlas. FHL film 1,045,448; Fiche 6000343-6000354.
  • Müllers Verzeichnis der jenseits der Oder-Neiße gelegenen, unter fremder Verwaltung stehenden Ortschaften. (Müller's Gazetteer of Localities Lying East of the Oder-Neisse [Line Which Are] under Foreign Administration). Supplement to Müeller's großes deutsches Ortsbuch.
  • Ortsnamenverzeichnis der Ortschaften jenseits von Oder und Neisse (Gazetteer of Localities on the Other Side of the Oder and Neisse), M. Kaemmerer. - Localities east of the Oder and Neisse Line that became part of Poland and Russia after World War II.
  • Perry-Castaneda Maps. This collection of maps from the University of Texas has hundreds of maps dating before 1883.
  • Das Postleitzahlenbuch (German zip code book), 1993.
  • Publications: Ortsbücher, Ortlexika, Ortsverzeichnisse (place name listings)
  • ShtetlSeeker – Town Search. This is the only website with the ability to perform Soundex searches for towns. German towns are often misspelled in church books and civil registration documents in America because it was recorded as the place name sounded.
  • U.S. Board on Geographic Names (USBGN). Click on "GNS Search." Type the name of the town or landmark. A new window will open with a list of matching names and codes that pertain to them. Click on the codes for more information. For former German areas in Poland, if you key in the former German name of the town, it will give you the current Polish name. The site also allows for a search for a natural or architectural landmark.
  • Verdenhalven, Fritz. Kleiner historischer Städtenamen-Schlüssel für Deutschland und die ehemaligen deutschen Gebiete. Neustadt/Aisch: Degener, 1970. (Older to present names and vice versa)
  • Verzeichnis deutscher Orte (Directory of 125.000 German cities and places; extract from "Müllers Großes Deutsches Ortsbuch")

Bayern (Bavaria)

  • Ortschaften-Verzeichnis für den Freistaat Bayern. 1928. FHL film 924721.


  • Loose, Hans-Dieter. Bestände des Staatsarchives des Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg. FHL film 1181595 item 1.


  • Praetorius. Kirchenbücher und Standesregister für alle Wohnplätze des Landes Hessen. 1939. FHL film 492895; also Fiche 6053529 (3 fiche)


Lippe (also Westfalen, Waldeck-Pyrmont, and Schaumburg-Lippe)

  • Bertelsmann, W. Addressbuch über die Provinz Westfalen und die Fürstentümer Lippe, Lippe-Schaumburg und Waldeck-Pyrmont. 1908. FHL film 873823 item 2.


  • Jensen, Wilhelm. Die Kirchenbücher Schleswig-Holsteins, des Landesteil Lübeck und der Hansastädte.  FHL film 1183522 item 5.

Mecklenburg-Schwerin und Meclenburg-Strelitz

  • Endler and Albrecht. Mecklenburgs familien-geschichtliche Quellen. 1936. FHL film 496473 item 8; Fiche 6000834 (2 fiche)


  • Orschaftsverzeichnis des Großherzogtums Oldenburg. 1911. FHL film 806633 item 1; Fiche 6053541 (4 fiche)


  • Gemeindelexikon für das Königreich Preußen (Gazetteer of the King of Prussia), 13 volumes: Berlin, 1907-1909. Based on a 1905 Prussian census. Each volume lists localities in Prussian provinces: East Prussia, West Prussia, Berlin and Brandenburg, Pomerania, Posen, Silesia, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Hanover, Westphalia, Hessen-Nassau, Rheinprovinz, Hohenzollern, and General Registers).
  • Prussia Maps 1415-1914

Sachsen (Kingdom of Saxony)

  • Blaschke, Karlheinz. Historisches Ortsverzeichnis von Sachsen. 1957. FHL Fiche 6000830 (7 fiche)
  • Koble, Arthur. Handbuch der Kirchen-Statistik für das Königreich Sachsen. FHL film 823778 item 2.
  • Schumann, August. Vollständiges Staats, Post, und Zeitungs Lexikon von Sachsen. 1815-1823, includes Thüringen. FHL Fiche 6000822. Films 824,319-824,325. (A-Drebach, Drebach-Friderichsthal, Froderichwalde-Herlachsgrün, Herlegrün-Könighstein, Königstein-Lohman, Lohman-Neudorfschen, Neudorfel-Ortelsdor, Ortmannsdorf-Rathsfeld, Rehbocksberg-Sachsen, Sachsen-Schweinsdorf, Schweitz-Trebishayn, Tregitz-Wiesenbrunn, Wiesenburg-Zwutsch)


  • Dunker, M. Verzeichnis der Württembergischen Kirchenbücher.  FHL film 492889 item 1.
  • Ortschaftsverzeichnis des Königreichs Württemberg. FHL film 496,640, 496-641; Fiche 6000001-6000029)
  • Ortsverzeichnis des ehemaligen Königreiches Württemberg (Listing of locations of the former Kingdom Würtemberg)

Maps and Atlases