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Different spellings of a German surnames are common because a standardized spelling of names is a recent phenomenon. Many Germans also changed or modified their surnames in America.

There are different classes of surnames. First, are surnames that are "occupational names" (Ecknahme). Some common examples are Hoffmann, Fleischer, Gerber, Mueller, Schneider, Zimmermann, and Schiffmann. Other occupational suffixes on surnames are -macher ("maker") and -hauer ("cutter"). Some examples are Rademacher, Eisenhauer, and Fenstermacher. Often occupational names were literally translated into English by the German immigrants, and the names became Carpenter, Tailor, etc.

A second type of German surname is geographic -- based on specific or general places or physical features. Some physical feature examples are Bachmann ("man of the creek"), Bergmann ("man of the mountain"), and Dieffenbach ("deep brook").  Some place examples are Anspach, Marburger, and Schweitzer. These place names at times are helpful in locating the original village of the family.

Some surnames evolved from the characteristics of the individual - such as Lang ("tall"), Weisskopf ("whitehead"), Braun ("brown"), Klein ("small") and Unruh ("restless").

In some parts of Germany surnames derived from Hofnahme ("farm names"). Surnames were taken from the name of the owner of the farm. Surnames changed when the ownership of the farm changed. This was common in the border area between Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, and sometimes in Hesse and Hannover.

Scandinavian-style patronymics were also used in Schlweswig-Holstein and Ostfriesland until the 1800s. This practice had the surname change every generation. Stephensohn is the son of Stephen, while his father may be Christiansohn, the son of Christian. In some areas this patronymic name became a fixed name for the family.

Surnames also had changes in consonants (B and P; C and K and G; D, T, and TH; V and B, and in vowels, A, O, and U with umlauts became E.

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