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Lutheran Genealogy

Minnesota Lutheran Church Records and Histories

Church Records

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  • Grove Lake of Yesteryear. [Minnesota: s.n., 1979]
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  • Mellem Ruth Granskou. ca. 1910-1979, Papers. The author, 1910-1979. Clemens Mellem, her husband, was President of St. Olaf College (Northfield, Minnesota).
  • Miettunen, Ina. Papers, 1931-1960. Includes records of Messiah Lutheran Church, Mountain Iron, Minnesota and Minutes of the Minnesota Finish American History Society, Virginia, Minnesota.
  • Mindeskrift i anledning indvielsen af den nye kirke i Harmony, Minnesota, 21de september 1913. [Harmony, Minnesota: The Church, 1913]
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  • Torkko, Evert E. Papers, 1925-1966. 1020-1969? Finnish American clergyman.

Church Histories

  • Anniversary of St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church, Omro Township, Yellow Medicine Co., Minn.: Sixtieth Anniversary of the Congregation: Fiftieth Anniversary of the Dedication of the Church: Sunday, September 27, 1942. [Minnesota: s.n., 1942]
  • Bergin, Alfred. A History of Cambridge Lutheran Church, 1864-1904. Cambridge? Minnesota: The Church, 1986.
  • Christ Lutheran Church (Stately Township, Comfrey, Minnesota). Dedication, Christ Lutheran Church, Stately Township, Comfrey, Minn.: December 3rd, 1933. [Minnesota: s.n., 1933]
  • Emmanuel's Diamond Jubilee, 1904-1979. [Brook Park, Minnesota: The Church, 1979]
  • Faaberg Lutheran Church, 1881-1971: 90th Anniversary Celebration, June 12-13, 1971. Rindal, Minnesota: The Church, 1971.
  • Fiftieth Anniversary and Dedication of Pipe Organ: Concordia Evangelical Lutheran Church, September 9, 10, 11, 1928: Albert Lea, Minnesota, Pickerel Lake Township. [Minnesota: s.n., 1928]
  • Gausdal Lutheran Church (New London, Minnesota). 60th Anniversary: Gausdal Lutheran Church, 1891-1951. Minnesota: Ringville Prairie, Georgeville, 1951.
  • Golden Anniversary, 1893-1943: Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Colfax and Forty-seventh Avenues North, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 23, 1943. [Minneapolis, Minnesota: The Church, 1943]
  • Golden Jubilee of Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Shible Township, Swift County, Minnesota: October 2, 1938. [Minnesota: s.n., 1938]
  • History & Memories of Immanuel Lutheran Church and School, 1875-2000. Plainview, Minnesota: The Church, 2000.
  • Lake Hanska Lutheran Church (Brown County, Minnesota). Centennial, 1869-1969. [Minnesota: The Church, 1969]
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  • St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Montevideo, Minnesota). 75th Anniversary, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Montevideo, Minnesota, 1916-1991. [Montevideo, Minnesota: The Church, 1991]
  • South Immanuel Lutheran Church (Rothsay, Minnesota). 75th Anniversay, 1872-1947, South Immanuel Lutheran Church: June 20, 1948, Rothsay, Minnesota. [Minnesota: s.n., 1948]
  • 75th Anniversary, 1890-1965: Trinity Lutheran Church, Sabin, Minnesota, June 13, 1965. [Sabin, Minnesota: The Church, 1965]
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