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Wisconsin Genealogy Resources

Wisconsin Government

  • Bloom, John Porter, compiler. Territorial Papers of the United States: Volume XXVII, the Territory of Wisconsin, Executive Journal 1836-1848, Papers, 1836-1839. Washington, D.C.: The National Archives and Records Service, 1969.

  • Wisconsin Blue Books

  • Cannon, Peter A. Members of the Wisconsin Legislature 1848-1999. Madison, Wisconsin: The Legislative Reference Bureau, 1999.

  • Doudna, Edgar George. The Thirtieth Star, 1848-1948. Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin State Centennial Committee, 1948.

  • Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin

  • Smith, William Rudolph. Observations on the Wisconsin Territory. New York: Arno Press, 1975, 1838.

  • The Wisconsin State Capitol Historic Structure Report