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German Genealogy


  • Biographies - Listing of over 200 German-Americans.
  • Biographisches Handbuch der deutschsprachigen Emigration nach 1933 / Leitung und Bearbeitung, Werner Röder, Herbert A. Strauss, unter Mitwirkung von Dieter Marc Schneider, Louise Forsyth ; Autoren, Jan Foitzik ... [et al.] ; Redaktion, Sybille Claus und Beatrix Schmidt. München ; New York : K.G. Saur ; Detroit, Mich. : Distributed by Gale Research Company, 19801983. 3 v. in 4.  Contains approximately 8,700 biographical sketches of persons who emigrated from Central Europe during the period of the Third Reich. Indexes in volume 3.
  • Biographisches Wörterbuch zur deutschen Geschichte. 2., völl. neubearb. u. stark erw. Aufl. München: Francke Verlag, 1973-75. 3 v. (Contains family tree charts of German royal families.)
  • Deutscher biographischer Index = German biographical index. 2nd ed. München: K.G. Saur, 1998. 8 v.  (Index to Deutsches biographisches Archiv, listed below)
  • Deutsche biographische Enzyklopädie (DBE)München; New Providence: K.G. Saur, 1995-2000. 12 volumes in 14.
  • Deutsches biographisches Archiv. Willi Gorzny, ed. München: K.G. Saur, [1990?]-[1993]. Microfiche (cumulation of 254 of the most important biographical reference works for Germany through the end of the 19th century.)
  • Deutsches biographisches Archiv 1871-1990. Michael Rademacher.
  • Friedrichs, Elisabeth. Lebensbilder-Register. Alphabetisches Verzeichnis der in den deutschen regionalen Lebensbilder-Sammelbänden behandelten Personen. Neustadt/Aisch: Degener, 1971. (Index to persons in biographical lists by region held by University of Wisconsin Memorial Library)
  • Gollmer, Hugo. Namensliste der Pioniere des Nord-Amerik. Turnerbundes der Jahre 1848-1862 : im Anftrag des Bundesvororts zusammengestellt. [Indiana] : Indiana Chapter, Palatines to America, c1992. Originally published: St. Louis : St. Louis (Central) Turnverein, 1885. Photocopy with index added. Membership lists of the North American Gymnastics Federation, supplemented by an alphabetical index. Includes place of birth and year of immigration.
  • Ortsfamilien Bücher - Family Name Books
  • SS Collections: RuSHA (Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt). (Available on microfilm at the NARA - National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland - Rasse-und-Siedlungs-Hauptamt (RuSHA).  Microfilm Publication A3343, Series RS. 7,811 rolls).  Biographical records of the Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt-SS (RuSHA, SS Race and Settlement Office), whose responsibilities included safeguarding the racial "purity" of the SS. This collection contains approximately 240,000 dossiers for individual SS personnel and their spouses, who submitted detailed personal and family background information to receive permission to marry. Seized fairly intact by U.S. forces in 1945, the records are mostly complete for married SS personnel during the period 1932-44, with some accompanying correspondence dated as late as March 1945. Each dossier might include some or all of the following documents: personal questionnaires (Rasse- und Siedlung-Fragebogen), usually accompanied by photographs; family genealogical charts (SS-Ahnentafel - data back to 1800, for officers, data back to 1750; these Ahnentafels have information on an incredible number of Germans who were born and died long before the Nazi's assumed power in 1933); medical examination reports (Ärztlicher Untersuchungsbogen); RuSHA summaries on family background investigations (SS-Erbgesundheitsbogen); summary questionnaires prepared as character references for the prospective bride; final RuSHA evaluations of individuals applications (Verlobungs- und Heiratsgesuch; Aufnahmegesuch); and related official correspondence (e.g., cover letters, follow-up inquiries regarding gaps in genealogical information). Some dossiers also include identification papers, correspondence with church and local authorities relating to birth and death records, notices of expulsion from the SS, and hospital reports regarding wounds and injuries suffered. The dossiers are reproduced on 7,826 16mm rolls of BDC Accessioned Microfilm A3343, series RS. The rolls are not arranged in a single sequence, but in several parts that correspond to a single alphabetical arrangement (with exceptions) of the dossiers as follows: Aakerwik, Torstein - Bock, Ernst: rolls A001 - A548; Bock, Herbert - Dorn, Friedrich: rolls A5001 - A5564; Dorn, Kurt - Fügar, Edgar: rolls B001 - B545; Führer, Hans - Hahn, Karl: rolls B5001 - B5526; Hampel, Erich - Hoven, Heinrich: rolls C001 - C553; Hoy, Horst - Knoche, Walter: rolls C5001 - C5555; Knochen, Helmut - Leithe, Gustav: rolls D001 - D605; Leitinger, Ernst - Miessner, Wilhelm: rolls D5001 - D5542; Mlarnik, Karel - Pfaff, Karl: rolls E001 - E561; Pfannkuch, Andreas - Rose, Conrad: rolls E5001 - E5554; Rose, Heinrich - Schran, Fritz: rolls F001 - F595; Schratt, Anton - Sternkopf, Franz: rolls F5001 - F5532; Stetter, Erwin - Wawra, Franz: rolls G001 - G604; and,Weber, Adalbert - Zwolak, Wilhelm: rolls G5001 - G5542
  • Tolzman, D. H. (editor).  The first Germans in America with a biographical directory of New York. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, Inc.