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German Genealogy

German Genealogy Newsgroups & Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists are maintained at  To subscribe to a list concerning your area of interest, send an e-mail message to: <list name>-request In the message area type: subscribe. The "l" below is "el" and not the number 1.

  • baden.wurttemberg-l
  • bavaria-l
  • deu-thueringen-1
  • franken-1 (For northern Bavaria)
  • gen-de-l (discussion of German genealogy)
  • german-kingdoms-l (For Duchies of Thuringen; Braunschweig; Lippe; Oldenburg; Waldeck; Mecklenburg-Schwering; Mecklenburg-Strelitz)
  • hannover-l
  • hesse-l
  • mecklenburg-l
  • nordrhein-westfalen-l
  • oldenburg-l (For Grandduchy of Oldenburg)
  • ostfriesen-l
  • ow-preussen-l (For East & West Prussia)
  • pfalz-l (Palatine)
  • pommern-l (For Pomerania)
  • posen-l
  • prussia-roots-l (For Brandenburg, Hannover, Ostpreussen, Pommern, Posen, Provinz Sachsen, Schleswig-Holstein, Schlesien, Westpreussen, Lubeck, Hamburg, Bremen)
  • sachsen-anhalt-l (For current state of Sachsen-Anhalt)
  • schleswig-holstein-roots-l
  • trier-roots-l (Discussion of Luxembourg, Saarland, Rheinland, Westfalen, Pfalz)
  • westfalen-l (Westphalia)

GERMAN-LIFE-l Mailing List (To subscribe: )


  • Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.computing . Questions to computer genealogy, most postings in English.
  • Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.german . Genealogy of the German language area, most postings in English.
  • Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.methods  General questions to methods of worldwide genealogy , most postings in English.
  • Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.misc  Miscellaneous to worldwide genealogy , most postings in English.
  • Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.slavic  Miscellaneous to the genealogy of the East European countries [also former German areas] , most postings in English.
  • Newsgroup: soc.genealogy.surnames  Moderated newsgroup for worldwide research on certain surnames / single persons , most postings in English.