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Illinois Genealogy Resources

Background Sources

Newberry Library in Chicago has been compiling a biography and industry card index. This index includes references to biographical sketches found in over twenty-five local histories and biographical compendia published in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Most of the indexed works concentrate on Chicago and Cook County, although a few statewide biographical compendia containing a large number of Chicagoans have also been indexed as part of this project. Written requests for no more than three subjects per letter will be answered by the Newberry staff.

For more detailed and original local sources, contact the local historical and genealogical groups and city and county libraries that may have regional history collections. The September 1988 Illinois Libraries (vol. 70, no. 7) is devoted to Illinois public libraries with genealogical collections, with emphasis on the unique features of each collection. An April 1986 issue (vol. 68, no. 4) of this same publication describes private genealogical collections, university libraries, governmental agencies, and the Shawnee library system.

Chicago, founded in 1833, has extensive records for research. The Chicago fire complicates the search for accurate records prior to 1871.  For Chicago records, see Szucs' work listed below.

The Illinois State Genealogical Society sponsored the bicentennial project which endeavored to index at least one history for each of the 102 Illinois counties. It was completed in 1976 by the Genealogy Projects Committee of the Winnetka Public Library. This index can be used at the Winnetka Public Library or at the Illinois State Archives, where a search request can be made for no more than two specific individuals. If found, copies of the biographical sketches will be sent.
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